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Clutter - and Treasures

We got talking then about the things we keep as treasures, not junk. Some things have memories for us of places, people or events. Julie spoke of one of her Dad's tools, which especially reminded her of him because he'd made the tool and used it so much that she could see the marks of his hands where he had held it so often. We are the tools and creation of our master craftsman, Jesus: remember He was carpenter. Are we so available for His use that we show the marks of His hands?

"O Jesus, master carpenter of Nazareth, wield well Your tools in this Your workshop, that we who come to You rough-hewn may be fashioned into a truer likeness of Yourself".


Eden Church community links

Eden Church is actively involved in a number of organisations. Here are some of our key partners:

Eden Christian Trust

Eden Christian Trust

ECT is an Edenbridge joint churches initiative to meet the needs of young people in our area, running school clubs, secular and Christian youth clubs and organising trips away to music festivals.


The Bridges Centre

If you are out and about in Edenbridge, take a break and come into Bridges for a "cuppa" or light lunch. Relax in pleasant surroundings and meet people, or just enjoy some quiet space. Child-friendly and disabled accessible, Bridges welcomes everyone.

Parish Nursing

Parish Nursing

We talk a lot about it, but what is Parish Nursing? Parish Nursing was launched in the UK in 2006. Julie Barry works as in Edenbridge as our parish nurse with an ecumenical remit that reaches out to all our ECC partner churches in the area. Click here for more information.

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