Our values

We believe that Eden Church should be a place where …

  • God is worshipped and honoured
  • Everyone is accepted and loved for who they are
  • Everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential
  • Everyone knows that they belong and have a vital part to play
  • The local community deserves our best

Our purpose

Why do we exist as a church in Edenbridge?

  • Reaching up: We exist to worship God and honour Him in all we do
  • Reaching out: We exist to make the good news of Jesus accessible to all
  • Reaching in: We exist to participate in church life so that we can encourage each other in our walk with God
  • Reaching down: We exist to lift others up

Our vision

We see a church with open doors and open arms.
A church that follows its heart out onto the street,
a church loving stubbornly, unconditionally and sacrificially.
We see a church that cries unashamedly with the broken,
celebrates goodness with total abandonment
and searches for truth with utter daring.

We see a church with its priorities in order,
a church that seeks the heart of God,
doing nothing unless He’s at the centre.
A church full of extravagant worshipers and hilarious givers.
We see a church that forgives stubbornly and unconditionally …
a church outrageous in its mercy.

We see a church that knows its bible,
wears God’s armour
and invests its gifts in God’s glory;
A church that creates ripples in its community …
where no one is off the invitation-list.
We see a church that stirs things up and
revels in transformation… of families, cities and yes, even nations.
This is a Can-Do Church where prayer and action hold hands.

We see a church that is knit together, but looking outwards.
A church that carries good news
like a jewel, and shares it like breathing.

We see a church that sings its song for a greater cause,
a church standing for justice,
And fighting darkness with ground-breaking worship.
We see a church with its heart pounding and its walls bursting
with young and old, desperate for the Holy Spirit.

We see people so alive and shining for God
that others see them and think: “I want that”.
A worshipful church, an exciting church,
a welcoming, safe church. A powerful church,
a church seeking God’s own heart.
A church making a difference –
A church where we know we belong …
A church like Eden Church