The Eden Church 2017 Bauble Appeal

A massive thank you - Our 2017 Bauble Appeal sets a new record!

Firstly, many thanks indeed to everyone who contributed towards our 2017 Christmas Bauble Appeal. I am delighted to say that we raised £4,400 and with Gift Aid I expect this amount to exceed £5,000 which will be split evenly between Parish Nursing and Pastor Said’s Spring of Life Centre in Lebanon for Children at risk.

This is a fantastic amount and a new record and comes on top of additional donations that have been made by Church Members for Parish Nursing and funding our Youth Workers during 2017. Your amazing support once again is just incredible and on behalf of both of these organisations I want to say a huge “Thank You” and you should feel very proud of your donation however big or small.

On behalf of The Eden Church, thank you for your amazing generosity and God bless you.

John Nichol

For our 2017 appeal we raised money for the following two very worthy causes:


Spring of Life

The Spring of Life Centre

50% (£1,500) Supporting Pastor Said Deeb with his Spring of Life centre for children at risk – a registered NGO in Lebanon.

Spring of Life is a centre for children at risk, a registered NGO in Lebanon who undertake large scale social work in the area of Naaba and Bourj Hammoud.

Their mission is to empower the underprivileged children within the community to live in fullness every day.

SOL aims to:

  • Provide a secure and loving day care shelter
  • Provide alternative education and homework assistance
  • Develop children’s moral, spiritual and social skills
  • Provide food, clothing and medical assistance

The centre hosts around 100 at-risk children between 6 and 14, of different religious and cultural backgrounds and various nationalities. Most of them are disadvantaged and often come from poor and dysfunctional families; some have to work to make a living.


Parish Nursing

Parish Nursing

50% (£1,500) Supporting Edenbridge Parish Nursing – our own Julie Barry and her team and all the incredible and vital work they do for our local community.

What is Parish Nursing?

Parish nurses work with people of all ages and backgrounds, those with any faith or none.

Whether it’s simply giving moral support during a medical crisis – giving general health advice or educating for health – “signposting” people to various support or medical services – praying for people – clarifying medical procedures or issues, – or simply listening (which they do an awful lot of!) – they focus on the person, rather than just a specific medical condition, integrating the different aspects of health.

Parish Nursing

Helping people to maintain their health and wellbeing by providing health education, advice and information to people of all backgrounds or from a defined social or demographic group and making onward referrals as required.

Helping people to recover their health and wellbeing by providing short-term transitional support to people who are self, congregation or externally referred as a results of temporary illness, disability or health need.

Helping people to self manage their long-term health care by providing individual or group interventions for people who are self, congregation, or externally referred due to enduring health conditions that require lifelong treatment.

Helping people in the final stages of life who are self, congregation or externally referred for non-specialist palliative care.

A tenner

Please give as generously as you can to help. Please see John Nichol after each Sunday Family Service in November and December to buy your Bauble to hang on our Christmas Tree. Each one costs £10 and all proceeds will be shared equally between these three great causes. If you are a UK tax payer, please make sure you complete a tax relief slip, so that we can claim back an extra 20% and raise even more money. If you cannot afford to buy one individually, please can we encourage you to team up with others to contribute towards buying a bauble?


With all of your help I am sure we can reach our ambitious target of £3,000.

On behalf of the Eden Church, thank you and God bless you.

John Nichol

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