At our church we help run a food bank and a furniture bank [an initiative we know as “God’s Hands”]; so our parish nursing team draws alongside people in crisis. Any modest sums raised by our milk bottle top initiative goes towards this very worthy cause to help those in need in the our area.

Many, many, many thanks to all those who regularly get involved! Below on the right is a table showing all collections to date, giving the number of bags delivered and their total weight. We have passed a metric tonne of tops, but let’s keep going, folks!

Initially we deposited 11 bags in Portsmouth weighing in at 71 kilogrammes at GHS – from then on they have come all the way out to Edenbridge to collect from Kernow.

So where does it go?

GHS started recycling the milk bottle tops collected by Naomi House. When Naomi House moved to collecting old mobile phones GHS were overwhelmed with calls from collectors to carry on the recycling. They now collect through most of the South of England and get calls from all over the country!

Bottle tops

There is a minimum payment amount of 500kgs but GHS are happy to collect from Edenbridge and maintain an “account” of how close we are to the 500kg target. So far GHS have recycled over 30 tonnes of milk bottle tops since they began the scheme 2 years ago.

The condition of the bottle tops …

GHS stipulate that they must be milk bottletops and must be clean. This means not only washed but free of any paper sticking to them, foil inserts or labels. Other kinds of tops are not accepted as they are usually made with different plastics – this includes fruit juice tops, water and coke bottle tops, jam jar lids, washing detergent tops, beer bottle caps, batteries, …

Good and bad tops Once granulated, the milk bottle tops go to make hard plastic toys for children, such as slides and other garden toys.

They also go to make even more bottle tops!

July 2016's collection of tops July 2016’s collection of tops

December 2015's collection of tops December 2015’s collection of tops

February 2015's collection of tops February 2015’s collection of tops

June 2014's collection of tops June 2014’s collection of tops

June 2013's collection of tops June 2013’s collection of tops

October 2012's collection of tops October 2012’s collection of tops

August 2011's collection of tops August 2011’s collection of tops


Loads sent to date …




January 2011 11 71 kg
August 2011 15 105 kg
January 2012 9 56 kg
July 2012 29 197 kg
October 2012 15 97 kg

526 kg

June 2013 23 151 kg
June 2014 42 285 kg
February 2015 23 157 kg

593 kg

December 2015 28 200 kg
July 2016 26 162 kg


1,481 kg