Cutting Edge

(Ages 11 to 14)

Introducing our newest youth venture - “Cutting Edge


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advancing pioneering spark
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We are Cutting Edge

Relentless in discovering our God, we continually moving forward.

We are young people who understand more about God, about who we are, our friendships and relationships, our position as people of faith and our position in the world.

Bold in our decisions, clear in our intentions, we are courageous when difficulties arise.

We sharpen each other, help, build up and inspire one another. We get good at sorting out relationships.

We take healthy risks as we use our intelligence, talents and giftings for Him.

Get ready to have some fun, play games, learn about God, experience Him and share life with friends. Get ready to make a change where you are and wherever you will go. Cutting Edge is on every Sunday AM.



Our last guys get together went down with a blast! - I recon we’re now ready for a bigger and greater Nerf war challenge.