Which one is for you?

There are already some groups in existence that go across different churches, meet during the day, meet every Wednesday, every other Tuesday, and meet at ECT.

All groups will follow the 4 W’s (Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness)


Group 1 – Led by David and Emma

We meet weekly in Starborough Road at 8pm-9:30pm. The focus of the group, geared towards the needs of young families, will be on teaching and studying God’s word.

Group 2 – Led by Colin and Pat

We meet weekly on Wednesdays in Swan Lane at 8pm for approx 1½ hours. Emphasis will be on Testimonies (hearing each others), learning from challenging pieces of scripture and exploring spiritual gifts.

Group 3 – Led by Ron and Dorothy

The Inter-Church Fellowship bible study group meet alternate Tuesdays in Marlpit Hill from 10:00-11.45am. The focus of the group will be on teaching and studying God’s word.

Group 4 – Led by David and Denine

We meet weekly in Stangrove Road at 8pm (could be earlier if it suits) for 1½ hours. The emphasis of the group will be on mission areas (overseas, prisons etc) that are on our hearts and supporting them in prayer.

If you would like to join one of these groups or know more please speak to the leaders.